How did you get into photography?

Photography became a passion of mine as a little girl. My Mom was a sports and events photographer. My step Mom was the photographer for the JCPenny print catalogues (if you were around during that era, you'll know what I'm talking about!) In the summers I got to be in a studio behind the scenes, in dark rooms and helping style shots. It quickly became a permanent facet in my life! Sports photography is something I have acquired in time with a passion for ice hockey. Theres no better feeling than getting 'that shot' during the fastest and most challenging sports to capture in photography.


How would you express your style of photography?

I would consider my personal style as 'organic and humble'! My images reflect my love of clean composition, natural light and less frills as possible. My purpose is to capture you in the moment; to emphasize the emotions in each image. I'm not a fan of posing, candid shots are my jam!

What are your prices and packages?

Great question! If you scroll back up to the top of this page, there's a link titled "Pricing" dedicated to the packages I currently offer. 

Do you shoot video's as well?

My expertise lie within the realm of photography! If you are indeed looking for the addition of a videographer at your event, I would be more than happy to refer one.

What should I wear during my session?

Less is more! No, not in the sense of less clothing - but think simplistic! Try to avoid patterns, logos and graphics. You aren't getting paid to represent Adidas™, so until they start sending you checks, let's showcase YOU! Remember, if you're in a group, try to coordinate your color scheme. Iron out those wrinkles! If your children's socks are showing, make sure they're matching (just for this day).

I'm working on a budget, is there any way you can give me a discount

My pricing and packages have been carefully crafted according to their value, so the short answer is "No". However, some situations may vary depending on certain criteria. For example - if you have multiple families that would like to shoot at the same location, at the same time, I'm willing to work on a group package rate. Please contact me for more information.


How do I pay for my session? 

Payment will be due upon booking your session to secure your appointment. I accept both Venmo and Facebook Pay as forms of payment.

I don't photograph well - I'm super awkward! What should I do?

I feel your pain - I myself suffer from self doubt in the awkward department. Rest assured that I have my ways of making sure you not only feel, but also look comfortable throughout your photos. Before picture day, we'l have a chat over the phone to discuss your envision. On the day of your session, we'll spend a few minutes prior to shooting, getting to know one another for a more relaxed and fun experience! 

My spouse/child/fiancé/grandpa/cat hates being in photographs - can you work around this?

Absolutely! If young children are involved, let's plan around their schedule. Share some tips with me prior to picture day on things that make them crack a smile or laugh. Bring your child's favorite toy or your husbands favorite bottle of beer! If we need to bribe, we bribe! I promise you that this experience is meant to be an enjoyable one! 

How long should I expect until I receive my final images?

Turn around times may vary depending on the season and type of session you choose. Generally your images will be available for online viewing approximately two weeks after completing your session. If you need your images by a certain date, you MUST inquire prior to booking your session to insure there is no misunderstanding or delay. 

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